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Affiliate World Europe

18-19 July 2016

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Affiliate Summit West 2016

Affiliate Summit West 2016

AdRight's rebranding - why, how, what to expect?

AdRight is an innovative online advertising network that focuses on performance driven campaigns. Expertise, passion and hard work. Our strategy is simple. We put great people together to create an equally great product. (read more)

Why do publishers prefer to work with us?

At AdRight, our team combine experience and enthusiasm from many different backgrounds. Some of us come from the world of marketing and advertising. Some are technical and operations driven. Others are Internet visionaries and tech gurus. (read more)

What are pop-under and pop-up ads?

We have more than 10 years’ experience of working with successful independent publishers and we can get your message across to their audiences. We know how to interact with the trend-setters in these communities and we will blend the right variety of creative ad units with the ultimate targeting techniques. In short, we will bring your message to life and capture your new audience. (read more)

AdRight on Mobile

It makes no difference whether you're driving CTR or running CPM; everyone wants better performance. We can do that. Our optimization team will put your campaign into high gear by connecting the dots between placement and performance. (read more)

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